Rose Grant Special Award

The Rose Grant Special Award is an additional award worth up to £500 open to outstanding applicants who can show exceptional academic achievement, an outstanding commitment to the community or human rights as well as financial need. This award is given in addition to our usual grant of up to £1,000.


How to apply

The criteria for a Rose Grant Special Award are that you show:

  • academic excellence or outstanding progress;

  • a strong commitment to the community and/or to human rights; and

  • financial need.

Apply using the standard online or postal grant application. You must include proof of your financial need and a reference showing a high level of academic achievement or outstanding progress.

In addition we require the following extra information:

  • an application letter showing how you have shown a strong commitment to the community where you live, or to human rights;

  • proof of this in the form of a reference or other evidence showing how you have worked for the community or human rights.

    For online applications, upload your application letter and supporting evidence one at a time, as explained on the form. If there are any problems submitting documents contact us on .

For postal applications, send your application letter and supporting evidence together with your application form and academic reference to Ruth Hayman Trust, P.O.Box 17685, London N6 6WD. Or you can email them to