Successful applications

If you are awarded a grant you should receive a cheque about a month after the closing date for applications. We do not normally make more than one award per course in any one academic year.

Cheques for fees will normally be made out to colleges or other institutions, not to individual people.

If you were awarded book tokens towards essential books  you should receive these by post about a month from the closing date for applications. Dictionaries are sent out four times a year by Oxford University Press, so you may have to wait a bit longer for a dictionary.

It is important you tell us that you have received the grant. You can either email, giving your Ruth Hayman Trust number (RHT number) or return by post the acknowledgement slip which accompanies your award. If you did not acknowledge receipt of a previous grant, we may take this into account when considering your application.

If there are any problems please quote your RHT number in all correspondence.

What if I managed to borrow the money and have already paid the fees when I get a cheque?

If you send us proof that the fees have been paid after the date of your application, and you have borrowed the money to do so, we can make cheques out to another person, or to you. Please return the original cheque.

What do I do if I move house?

Please let us know, if you have made an application and then change addresses. We sometimes send award letters with cheques to successful applicants, which are returned by the post office because the person has moved and cannot be contacted.

What do I do if I don’t need the money any more?

If the college or university decides not to charge you fees or you have received them from somewhere else, please return the cheque to us. Other applicants are waiting for the money. You can apply again in the future, for the next year’s course, if needed.

What do I do if I can’t raise the rest of the money for my course?

You can hold onto the cheque, in case you can raise the money, for 6 months, before it becomes invalid. If you still can’t raise the rest of the money, please return the cheque and let us know. We will happily send you another cheque, at a later date, if the situation changes.


Unsuccessful applications

We receive many applications and each one is considered very carefully. We also have to consider the money available for grants. We do not enter into any discussion regarding unsuccessful applications.

If you do not hear from us by 5 weeks after the deadline, it means your application will have been unsuccessful.

We get many applications. If you don’t get a letter you have, unfortunately, been unsuccessful. There are just too many applicants to allow us to write to unsuccessful candidates but you are welcome to try again in the future.

Why do some applications fail?

Some applications fail because applicants do not complete the form fully. For example, they might not:

  • state their first language

  • show what they need the money for (which course, which exam or equipment)

  • demonstrate financial need

  • include a reference


Applying again

You can apply again for a grant, even if you have been successful. You are welcome to apply for further years of study, though not for the same year (unless it is for a short modular course). Please quote your previous Ruth Hayman Trust number (RHT number).